Gahininath Incarnation and Unique Birth Story

Gahininath (गहिनीनाथ) is a Hindu saint. He is one of the nine Mahayogis of Navnath Sampradaya. He is considered as an avatar of Karbhanjan Narayan is one of Nav Narayan. Gahininath was a yogi belonging to the Gorakshanath branch of Nath Sampradaya. The teaching of Nath Sampradaya offers the seeker the royal road to liberation, a road in which all the four by-lanes of bhakti, jnana, karma, and dhyana of Lord Shiva, in his hagiography, entitled Nathlingamrita, claims that the path shown by the Nath sect is the best of all and it leads to direct liberation. Gahininath was a disciple of Gorakshanath. Siddha Spirituality acknowledges the great Yogi for his teachings.

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Yogi Gahininath

Incarnation of Gahininath

The birth story of Gahininath

Macchindranath gave Gorakshanath all the knowledge he had and mastered all the sciences. He was also made a member of the Nath sect. Once Macchindranath and Gorakshanath stopped to rest in a village. Then one-day Gorakshanath was studying and reciting Sanjeevani Mantra. Guru Macchindranath had then gone to the village for some work. Some children were playing near Gorakshanath. The children were making mud objects. They made a mud cart. And now that the cart needs a driver, they urge Gorakshanath to make a mud statue.

Gorakshanath was studying and reciting the Sanjeevani Mantra. Even so, he was willing to make a statue. He started making idols out of the mud and on the other hand, he was also reciting Sanjeevani Mantra. As a result, the statue came to life, which was made by Gorakshanath. And that little baby started crying loudly right away. Seeing this, all the children ran away in fear. Gorakshanath also got scared and left the child there and he also ran away.

Sanjeevani Mantra

On the way here, the children met Macchindranath and they told him all the facts. He understood everything. When he returned, he saw the baby and picked him up, and wrapped him in a cloth. He also found Goraksha and told him that there was nothing to be afraid of. The Sanjeevani Mantra you are reciting brought this clay statue to life.

A couple was living in the same village. They had no children. So Macchindranath let the couple take care of the child and said that this Goraksh would come and give him knowledge after twelve years. So they left the village.

Children shouted as “Gorakshanath brought ghost”

It was decided earlier that Gorakshanath would make an incarnation of Gahininath from the mud statue he would make. According to him, the idea of ​​making it a statue was born. Among the Navnarayanas, the incarnation of Karbhanjan was supposed to be from this clay statue, so Goraksha became wise and decided to make a statue. At that time, the recitation of Sanjeevani Mantra was going on.

Miracle witnessed by all the children

Seeing that the whole statue was ready, Karbhanjan entered it. Then the bones, skin, flesh, blood, etc. all became a radiant statue of a man. Then he started crying. This sound was heard by the children nearby. They started shouting “Gorakshanath brought a ghost”. The children started shouting and all of them ran away in fear. On the way back, when he met Macchindranath, he shouted at the boy and asked him why he was running so fast and told him not to be afraid. Then the children read the text of the statue.

Macchindranath was amazed to hear the speech of the children and he thought that we should see the miracle with our own eyes.

One of the incarnations of Narayana

Macchindranath was shown the place by the children from a distance. From there he heard a boy’s voice. Realizing that this Karbhanjan was the incarnation of Narayana. Macchindranath picked up the child and started walking. Although Gorakshanath had made a statue, he could not be seen near, so while Macchindranath was taking the child, he started shouting at Goraksanath. He heard Guru’s call and came out from where Gorakshanath was hiding in a house. But when he saw the baby in Macchindranath’s hand, he too got scared. He did not dare to approach the Guru.

Seeing this, Macchindranath understood that Goraksha was scared. Then he wrapped the boy in a wig and told him to go to Goraksha. This is a man and he is one of the incarnations of Narayana. Then when Goraksha also told what kind of thing had happened. Macchindranath was happy to hear the presentation. In it, Karbhanjan Narayana has communicated; Saying that he is not a ghost but a human being, Macchindranath frightened Goraksha by saying that it is a fact.

how to draw a cart very easy bullock cart drawing for beginners - YouTube
A Cart and Child Created By Gorakshanath With Sanjeevani Mantra

Madhunabha and his wife Ganga

Seeing Macchindranath’s intention to take the child with him on the pilgrimage from there onwards, the child will become apathetic. Hearing that, Nathan replied that it would be much better if it happened. Thus, after receiving Macchindranath’s rebuke, the villagers plotted to kill the boy. Then a Brahmin named Madhunabha was living there. His wife named Ganga was Mahapativrata.

Since they had no children, they were always reluctant and did not want anything. Knowing that they would take care of this child with sincerity, everyone sincerely recommended Macchindranath about him. Then giving gems like Gahininatha in the hands of such popular men and women seemed to be enough with Natha. He put the boy in Gangabai’s lap and said, Matoshri, this son is generous. He is the incarnation of one of the Navnarayanas as Karbhanjan. Take good care of it, so that you may prosper and prosper in the world. Please name him Gahininath. We are going on pilgrimage. Twelve years later, when our baby comes to Goraksanath, he will be gracious to them. 

Mohanastra mantra

As soon as Vibhuti was placed on her body as Mohanastra mantra, milk was produced in her breast. After breastfeeding the child, she called Suvasini from the village and took care of the child, and named him Gahininath.

Later Macchindranath stayed there for a few days and after taking leave of the villagers he went on pilgrimage with Goraksha. On his way, Macchindranath noticed that Goraksha was still raw. Then, knowing that he should be handed over to the Badrikedwar Swami for investigation, he went on a pilgrimage to Badrikashram.

Preaching to Gorakshanath by Macchindranath

In Kankagiri village, Macchindranath preached to Gorakshanath and became proficient in all the Vedas. He bowed down in all arms, taught him Sabri Vidya, and put it at the feet of all Gods. He visited Narshi, Kalika, Mhanda, Mhaishasur, Zoting Vetal, Maruti, Shriram, etc. When Rama met him, Rama placed Gorakshanath on his lap and blessed him. Aso Bawan Veerasahvartman Shriram, Surya, etc. all gave boons to Gorakshanath and after telling Macchindranath to investigate it, they went to their respective places.

A fascinating story of Gold bricks

Garbhagiri mountain

Macchindranath and Gorakshanath left Saurashtra village and went to Telangana. There he bathed in the confluence of Gods and worshiped Srishiva. Later, after making pilgrimages from Anvadhyanaganath, Parlivaijnath, etc., he came to the place of Valmikirishi on the Garbhagiri mountain in Maharashtra. That forest is so terrible, even the torso does not grow; Macchindranath was frightened when he had to travel through such a horrible forest. The reason for this was that when he was leaving the ‘Stree – Rajya’ (Kingdom of women), he kept in his bag the gold bricks that the Queen Mainavati had given him without letting anyone know. He was not afraid of the brick thieves. All these fears were only to test Gorakshanath‘s greed, otherwise, what would Macchindranath be afraid of!

Is there any fear of thieves?

As he was walking along the road, he asked Gorakshanath if there was any fear of thieves in this awful forest. Hearing this, why should the Guru be afraid of a thief? This idea came to Gorakshanatha’s mind. He argued that the Guru must have some finances and that he was afraid of being robbed by thieves, and that he should act in a way that did not answer. At that moment, when he found a place of water, Macchindranath asked Gorakshanath to stop and he gave his bag to him and went to the toilet.

A brick of gold: A source of fear!

When Gorakshanath saw Guru’s bag, he saw a brick of gold. Knowing that this was the source of his fear, he threw the brick and filled it with a stone of the same weight and they started walking. Macchindranath also started following. Even after Gorakshanath had gone a long way, Guru was still coming after him. Waiting for him, he rested. Suddenly, he saw a well. After bathing and finishing his daily activities, he approached Macchindranath and said, ‘There is no fear from now on, right?’ Gorakshanath replied, “Those who were afraid stayed behind, now they should be healthy without worrying.”

Innercity Mechelen/ The Golden Brick/ Mechelen /Mar. 2019 – VANRO2IJ landscape architecture
Golden Brick Given By Mainavati To Macchindranath

Macchindranath started crying like a vampire

Macchindranath was shocked when Gorakshanath started telling such nonsensical things. On hearing this, Gorakshanath said, “We don’t have uncertain finances now, so there is no fear!” Hearing this, the idea of ​​some betrayal arose in Macchindranath’s mind and he became anxious. Then Gorakshanath grabbed Macchindranath’s hand and both of them prepared to go to the mountain with their bags. Before leaving, while checking the bag, seeing that there was no disgust in the bag, Macchindranath threw a lot to Goraksha and cried and made a single mess. With that grief, he started rolling around and started crying like a vampire. He said no to Goraksha and finally left. Don’t show your face, that’s all.

All mountains became golden

Even after hearing Macchindranath’s sorrowful words, Gorakshanath remained silent and took his hand and led him to the top of the mountain. On the way, Gorakshanath urinated on the mountain, chanting Siddha Yoga. So all the mountains became golden. Then he requested his guru to take as much gold as he needed. Seeing this, he applauded Gorakshanath and gave him a hug, and said, baby Goraksha, what can we do with gold, leaving precious jewels like you? Giving many such parables, Macchindranath praised him a lot.

Macchindranath wanted to worship saints and have a big ceremony

Gorakshanath insisted that his Guru should tell him the reason why he had kept the gold brick till today? Then Macchindranath said, “I wanted to go to my country and worship the saints and have a big ceremony.” Hearing that, I give you this purpose, so Gorakshanath told him. Then Gorakshanath threw a pinch of ashes to heaven as Gandharvastra Mantra. At the same time, Chitrasena Gandharva came and bowed to Nathas and asked what was the order. Then Gorakshanath said, call some more Gandharvas and send them to Chaufer and bring them here to Bairagi, Sannyasi, Japi, Tapi, Santsadhu, Deva, Gandharva, Danav Kinnar. Why we want to have a tolling meal. Then Chitrasena brought a hundred Gandharvas and sent them everywhere. He invited many Gandharvas and brought them. Navnath, Shukracharya, Dattatreya, Yajnavalkya, Vasistha, Vamdev, Kapil, Vyas, Parashar, Narad, Valmiki, etc. Munigan came and reached there in a short time.

What do I want to do with the golden brick?

Later Gorakshanath told Macchindranath that many people had gathered for the meal; however, I will bring you the gold bricks that I threw away on the way, you should take them and celebrate the ceremony. On this, Macchindranath satisfied him that if a disciple like you, then what do I want to do with the golden brick? Then Gorakshanath said, all will be well. But all this glory of his grace, I have nothing, he put his head on the steps and I will take care of all the arrangements, you should be healthy without any worries.

He then called the Ashtasiddhis and gave them the task of cooking and ordered them to prepare many dishes with high heels and gave a stern warning not to let anything fall short by keeping the arrangements in order. He then arranged the overall work and arranged the festivities in the best possible way. Everyone was overjoyed at that time.

Madhubrahmana invited with Gahininath

Gahininath did not attend the banquet. So Gorakshanath suggested this to Macchindranath. So send a Gandharvas to Madhubrahman and ask him to bring it with his son, that is, he will bring it, said Macchindranath to Goraksha. From this Gorakshanath informed Chitrasen Gandharvas of all the details and wrote a letter with his permission. He gave it to a Gandharva named Sunsurochan. He went to Kanakgiri and gave it to Madhubrahman and told him the detailed text. Then the Brahmin took the boy and Gahininath with great joy and left. He was seven years old at the time. Macchindranath started kissing the boy. After that, he asserted that Gahininath was the incarnation of Karbhajan Narayana.

Grace from Gorakshanath to Gahininath

At that time Shankara told Macchindranath that we want to take the next incarnation, at that time I will be known as Nivrutti and he will do grace to Gahininath. Therefore it should be graced and made proficient in all sciences. On hearing this, Macchindranath got grace from Gorakshanath to Gahininath. He also laid his hands on his head before all the Gods. Then Gorakshanath said to Kubera, take this mountain of gold and give us priceless garments and ornaments in return. After listening to this speech, let the wealth of Kubera be here. I will bring the ornaments as you order. Then he brought out a bundle of clothes and a variety of ornaments. He gave the garments and ornaments to everyone; giving money to the beggars. Thus he satisfied the wishes of all of them and sent them away with great honor.

Child Gahininath and Tilottama

After the ceremony, Meennath (son of Macchindranath and Mainavati) was sent to his Tilottama Matoshri by Sinhaladvipas. He handed over Meenath to Tilottama and told her the whole story of Macchindranath. Then tears came to her eyes as she was disappointed with Macchindranath’s visit. Seeing that, one day you will meet Macchindranath, you should not worry, said the superintendent and went to his place. Then she fell in love with the child Gahininath and lived happily ever after.

Gahininath on Garbhagiri Mountain

Gorakshanath and Macchindranath stayed here to study Gahininath on Garbhagiri Mountain. Umakant was also there. Kubera went to his place with a plan of invisibility on that golden mountain. The color of gold was obscured by the yoga of invisibility. But Shankara stayed on that mountain. They are still there. He is called ‘Mhatardev’. Kanifnath remained to its west. He named the village Madhi. To its south, Macchindranath settled. To his east remained Jalandharnath. On the other side of the same mountain, the village of Vadwanal was inhabited by Nagnath. Revansiddha remained in Vite village. Leftist Gorakshanath remained on Garbhagiri mountain. There Gahininath got trained under Gorakshanath. In one year he became proficient in all sciences. Then he sent him to Madhubrahman. After staying in those places for many days, he attained Samadhi in the tens of years.

The main point of building the tomb was that there should be no further harassment from Yavan Raja. Once when Aurangzeb Shah asked who these samadhis belonged to, people told him that they belonged to their ancestors. Hearing Kanifnath, Parvati, Macchindranath, Jalandharnath to its east, Gahininath beyond him in the monastery, he changed its name to another, giving it the same name: Janpir. The name Garipir is Gahininath. The Yavan priests were named after Macchindra’s Mayababalen and Kanifa’s Kanhoba. Kalyan was the samadhi of Kalyugin Baba Chaitanya, but he changed his name to Ravavagshar. 

Nature Trail, Karnala Fort
Garbhagiri Mountain (Gahininath Samadhi)

Frequently asked questions

Before posting your query, kindly go through them:

Who is Gahininath?

Gahininath (गहिनीनाथ) is a Hindu saint. He is one of the nine Mahayogis of Navnath Sampradaya. He is considered as an avatar of Karbhanjan Narayan is one of Nav Narayan. Gahininath was a yogi belonging to the Gorakshanath branch of Nath Sampradaya.

How was Gahininath incarnated?

Gorakshanath was studying and reciting Sanjeevani Mantra. Guru Macchindranath had then gone to the village for some work. Some children were playing near Gorakshanath. The children were making mud objects. They made a mud cart. And now that the cart needs a driver, they urge Gorakshanath to make a mud statue. Gorakshanath was studying and reciting the Sanjeevani Mantra. Even so, he was willing to make a statue. He started making idols out of the mud and on the other hand, he was also reciting Sanjeevani Mantra. As a result, the statue came to life, which was made by Gorakshanath.


Who was the Guru of Gahininath?

Gahininath was a disciple of Gorakshanath.



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  1. एक चमत्कारी नाथ, जो माता के गर्भ से नहीं बल्कि मिट्टी से पैदा हुए। आगे चलकर यही गहिनीनाथ नाम से प्रसिद्द हुए हैं। नाथपंथी इन्हें श्री विष्णु जी का अंशभूत अवतार मानते हैं।

    गहिनीनाथ कृपा प्राप्ति हेतु पद –

    पहिनो सुख मुद्रा नाम को।

    सतगुरु करि पहिरन बिधि जानो करो सुफल नर चाम को।

    श्रवण ते रं रं रं धुनि हो निरखो राधे श्याम को।

    ध्यान प्रकाश समाधी होवै पहुँचि जाव निज धाम को।

    अनहद सुनो देव मुनि दर्शैं यश गावैं गुण ग्राम को।५।

    अमृत छकौ कहौ क्या मुख से मगन रहौ बसु याम को।

    नागिन जगै चक्र सब बेधै कमल खिलैं फिर थाम को।

    सूरति शब्द की जाप है अजपा सुगम बड़ी नर बाम को।

    सुखमन स्वांस विहंग मारग में पहुँचि लियो विश्राम को।

    रवि शसि वारि बतासि जाप नहिं ऐसो विमल मुकाम को।१०।

    अगणित सन्त बैठ यानन पर रूप रंग बनि राम को।

    गहनी नाथ कहैं मम बानी गहै सो ले आराम को।१३।


    पासै अमी पाते नहीं नित तोय खारी पा रहे।

    सतगुरु बिना गहनी कहैं, दिन मोह नींद में जा रहे।१।

    1. Wonderful, Saheb. Although, the meaning is not understood in its totality it gives immense pleasure because it is devoted to the Guru-Sadguru. Thanks for communicating such a rare work of the great Mahayogi Gahininath. Please do share such valuable words in the future too. May Navnath bless you!!!

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