Swara Yoga and Inevitable Benefits

Swara Yoga is a Sanskrit word स्वर योग. Swara स्वर means sound or note. It is also a continuous flow of air through one nostril. Yoga योग means union, so Swara Yoga is a science that is the realization of cosmic consciousness through control and manipulation of breath. Swara Yoga is a complete study, observations, control, and manipulation of breath or Swara. In swara yoga, you will find an association of breath in relation to activities of sun, moon, various seasons, physical and mental conditions of individuals, etc. So Swara Yoga is more comprehensive in theory and practices related to breathing. In order to get maximum benefits of Swara Yoga Sadhana, it is recommended to keep swara aligned with natural cycles. An important aspect of Swara Yoga is the awareness of your dominant nostril in relation to your environment. This awareness can help you manipulate the results to your liking and promote positivity with every move you make. Siddha Spirituality of Swami Hardas Life System is also in agreement with achievable benefits like health, peace, wealth, happiness, ananda, and spiritual development.

What is Swara Yoga

Swara Yoga’s fundamental application is to realize the breath as being the medium of cosmic life force, through practicing “Swara Yoga” (special mode of analysis and practicing of breath). According to Mukti Bodhananda, the book enables us to understand the nature of breath and its influence on the body as different modes of breathing leads to different types of actions; physical, mental, and spiritual. Guruji Prem Nirmal says Swara yoga is an ancient science that correlates the breath with the sun, moon, and the five elements, helping us to control moods, heal ailments, and be attuned to the cosmic rhythm.

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Swara Yoga Posture

What is cosmic energy?

Cosmic energy is the life force that is existent everywhere. It is present in the cosmos, between the galaxies, the molecules, and in space.

Types of Swara Yoga

There are three types of Swara yoga that include different types of breathing techniques. ‘Nadi’ is the flow of pranic energy in your body:

Ida nadi or left Swara

  • Located on the left side of your spinal cord,
  • Consists of breathing through the left nostril,
  • Represents the moon or female energy (Shakti), and
  • Associated with the nervous system and activities of the mind.

Pingala nadi or right Swara

  • Located on the right side of your spinal cord,
  • Consists of breathing through the right nostril,
  • Represents the sun or male consciousness (Shiva), and
  • Associated with the nervous system, stress, and physical activities.

Sushumna nadi or third Swara

  • Located in the center of your spinal cord,
  • Represents Shiva in the state of ‘Soham’,
  • Active when your left and right Swara flow together, and
  • Meditation is recommended when the third Swara is active.
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Nadi Locations

Introduction to swara and their effects

According to Mukti Bodhananda finds, the second part introduces types of swara arising out of Nadis, here three kinds of swara are said to be present. and each result of swara is also noted here. Swarodaya Yoga or Swara Yoga has three types of breathing systems:

  • Ida (Inhaling and exhaling from our left side of the nostrils),
  • Pingla (inhaling and exhaling from our right side of the nostrils), and
  • Sushmana (inhaling and exhaling from both sides of the nostrils).

We mostly breathe in and breathe out from either Ida or Pingla but sometimes we breathe from both the nostrils Nadis. Vata, Pitta and Kapha Doshas (imbalance) cause diseases and these can be balanced through Swara Yoga.

Swara Yoga – an ancient tantric science

Successful’ flow of energy from the cosmos

Swara yoga is an ancient tantric science that involves the systematic study of the breath flow through the nostrils (or swara) in relation to the prevailing phases of the moon, time of day, and direction. Although we think of ‘pranayama’ when we think of techniques associated with the breath, in Swara yoga, it is the association of the breath in relation to the activities or phases or positions of the sun, moon, planets, seasons, time of day, with the physical and mental conditions of the individual and then taking the appropriate action according to these subtle relations.

For example, knowing the moon phases and checking the flow of your nostrils before you get out of bed in the morning, and letting the corresponding foot be the first to touch the floor and make the first step, is a simple practice that ensures success in everything that happens for that day. The first foot to touch the ground will get the prevailing ‘successful’ flow of energy from the cosmos.

Sages and saints received knowledge

Swara yoga is an ancient science existing since before the Vedic period, over ten thousand years ago. It was a secret science, only available for the select few, especially kings and dedicated sadhak. It was kept as a closed secret by the ancient sages and saints who had intuitively received this knowledge from the Divine.

Swara Yoga was kept pure

This ancient divine knowledge was available only for sadhak, to those who had risen above the worldly and mundane affairs of life, those who had a spiritual attitude, and the dedication and devotion of a disciple, so that this precious knowledge was kept pure and it didn’t go into the wrong hands. It was used for yearly predictions and other divinations.

It was used for those who had mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual problems so that they could get rid of their problems by using this divine knowledge of Swara Yoga. Also, it was useful for Grahastha, the householder, in day-to-day matters.

Swara Yoga for future predictions

It was commonly used for general future predictions as well as in special cases such as making wars go according to the wishes of the king, or for having a divine child. It was used to choose an auspicious time, start special jobs, journeys, wars, buildings, etc. and for creating harmony in world affairs, predicting the time of death, and to deal with planetary effects, astral forces, and negative effects of planets of the zodiac and the constellations.

Lord Siva gives knowledge of Swara yoga to Shakti

Through the knowledge of swara yoga, one can become free from all kinds of negative influences of one’s destiny and can achieve heightened awareness. The swara yoga practices related to breath were used to understand the governing forces of life, to understand the nature of the universe, and the effects of the elements on the body and mind by observing the different patterns of breath.

Further, it was used to go beyond the limitations of the mind. Swara yoga is a tantric science coming from the Agama Shastras and from Shaiva Tantra, where Lord Siva is the guru and Shakti is the disciple She asks questions about nature and the governing forces of the universe. Lord Siva gives this precious knowledge of swara yoga to Shakti. Other tantric traditions also existed such as:

  • Surya tantra,
  • Ganapatya tantra, and
  • Vaishnava tantra.

Today only two tantric techniques are commonly available, Saiva and Shakta tantra.

Manipulating the results

The fascinating thing about Swara yoga is that just by being aware of the swara (dominant nostril) in relation to the environment, you can manipulate the results of what you are about to do. In other words, you can find out which is going to be the successful route and then follow it. It can be as simple as checking your nostrils before setting out of the house, noting the direction you wish to go in, and then choosing the appropriate foot with which you will make your first step, to ensure success and positive outcomes for everything that follows thereafter.

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Cosmic Energy Within The Body

Recommended deeds during a particular flow of Swara

Satyananda Saraswati implies each of the swara mentioned is suitable for very specific matching activities. If you observe your breath, you will notice that at a given time, anyone’s nostril is more dominant and the other one relatively congested. This keeps changing every one to two hours and during the transition period, both nostrils may be equally dominant for a few seconds.

Three modes of breathing

There are three modes of breathing, viz, flow from left nostril, flow from the right nostril and flow from both the nostrils. The last mode is generally for a short duration when breathing switches from left to right and vice versa. The mode of breathing can be checked by examining airflow while exhaling. All our actions can be classified into three main categories; physical, mental, and spiritual; which are respectively presided by the above three modes of breathing.

Specific activities

Following are some of the specific activities which should be initiated when left or right nostrils are active:

Some activities are listed under both the modes, which the aspirant may select based on the functional/piousness of the activity. In general for pious activities are initiated during the currency of the left nostril. One must change the mode of breathing suitably at the time of initiating specific desired activity.

When the breath is flowing from both the nostrils, the time is beneficial for worshipping and devotional activities only; all other activities must not be then initiated. Most of the practicing astrologers have observed that compliance to the dictums of ‘Swar Shastra’ is more efficacious than omens, and even a suitable time selected through astrology.

Activities recommended during the running of the left nostril

It is beneficial/auspicious in:

  • Initiating long-distance travels,
  • Charity,
  • Donation,
  • Wearing of clothes and ornaments,
  • Treaty and agreement,
  • Installation of Murti (Idol),
  • Practicing Yoga,
  • Oblation of fire for peace,
  • Worshipping,
  • Recitation of holy books,
  • Initiation of Mantras,
  • Leaning of futurity knowledge,
  • Marriage,
  • Administering of medicine,
  • Treating of difficult illnesses,
  • Removing poison,
  • Starting of education-singing-dancing-playing musical instruments,
  • Discussion on dance – drama,
  • Stationary and fixed works,
  • Mental and creative works,
  • Entering into house – city – village,
  • Coronation,
  • Seeing king (high official, master, employer),
  • Sweet and friendly activities, making friends,
  • Women to participate in sexual relations,
  • Auspicious deeds,
  • Teachings,
  • Collection of domestic items – wealth and grains,
  • Purchase of jewelry,
  • Starting work of water tank-pond-well,
  • Peaceful and developmental works,
  • Trade (give and take by the hand presenting the mode of breathing), and
  • Agriculture activities e.g. sowing seeds, buying agricultural land, drinking water.

Activities recommended during the running of the right nostril

Currency of breathing through the right nostril is auspicious/beneficial for:

  • Performing accurate and difficult/hard works;
  • Writing alphabets;
  • Learning and practicing the use of arms and weapons;
  • Destruction of enemy war, attack, encounter; enmity;
  • Inflicting punishment;
  • Breaking/splitting;
  • Gambling;
  • Bathing;
  • Taking food;
  • Sleeping;
  • Sex by male, visiting women, and prostitutes, enchanting females, attracting others;
  • Creating fear, cruel works;
  • Short distance travel;
  • Entry into the house;
  • Boarding ship/big boat;
  • Drinking intoxicants, administration of poison, removal of poison;
  • Usage of Mantras;
  • Study of holy books;
  • Study and teaching of difficult and destructive branches of knowledge climbing mountains and forts;
  • Risky and heroic feats;
  • Riding on horse/elephant and transports;
  • Physical exercise;
  • Sale of animals;
  • Agriculture;
  • Crossing pond-river;
  • Taking medicine;
  • Giving donations;
  • Sale-purchase;
  • Grinding of bricks-stones-wood-metals; and
  • Conduction of ‘Six-Works’: “beating, charming, hindering, enmity, vexing and subduing”.

Swara Yoga turns movement into energy

Since all of the postures and movements are based on the connected flow of the breath, the practice shifts the asanas from simply stretching to an exploration of life-force, prana, and vital energy. The postures and the movements of the body support the flow of energy and the flow of breath.

As one advance in Swara Yoga, the flows become more challenging and thus create a more expansive and powerful life force in the yogi. The more intense a posture, the deeper the effect when integrated with Swara’s breath patterns. magnificent.

How Swara Affects Whole Body

Magnificent effects of Swara Yoga

Our goal in practicing Swara yoga is to increase the quality and quantity of life force in a person. When we change from a body-based approach to a breath-based approach in Swara yoga, we are able to transform:

  • The way we approach life,
  • A way we move,
  • The way we sense and feel, and
  • Even the way we think and communicate.

Prana lies at the heart of all we are (in fact, prana has its home in the heart) and by changing prana, we can change any part of our being more easily.

Swara Yoga creates harmony and reduces the blockages

At the end of a Swara practice, many Sadhakas experience a much deeper Savasana and easily enter a state of meditation. The sense of inner calm and clarity increases, as does the available personal energy that we need to live fully and completely.

Sadhaka finish the practice feeling balanced and energized, but also peaceful and calm. Since the breath, body, and mind are in a state of cultivated connection in Swara Yoga, the health of the body increases and illnesses can become less common. Concentration increases and the power of memory can also be positively influenced. The body also opens up to the deeper postures because the flow of the breath has created harmony and reduced the blockages that prevent access to the more advanced asanas.

Teaching breath and Swara Yoga

One of the wonderful things about Swara Yoga is that it is both easy to practice and easy to teach. Because the concepts and practices are, in their essence, simple, Swara Yoga is easy to teach and add to classes. Teachers who are looking for a way to teach breath often use this technique to get students breathing easily. Whole practices can be built on Swara, or it can be used to promote good breathing before moving on to more traditional forms of Vinyasa and Hatha Yoga.

Swara Yoga is creative and intuitive

The technique is virtually unlimited in its scope and potential and teachers who know it often create their own patterns and approaches to suit their own teaching style and their students. Instead of being a fixed system, it is a creative and intuitive type of yoga that allows each individual to create their own relationship to the practice. When a teacher understands the tools of Swara and the ideas that support them, it is easy to mix patterns together to create desired effects.

Healing through Swara Yoga

According to the principles of Swara yoga, one should alternate or change the dominant nostril when noticing signs of physical or mental disturbance. This will help to change the active side of your body and will help to re-establish balance in the mind and body.

Swara yoga for healing

  • In case of fever, use a cotton ball to plug the operating nostril and maintain this technique until your temperature gets back to normal.
  • If you are feeling extreme stress or have been working too hard, lie down on your right side and breathe through your left nostril for about 30 minutes.
  • To help you relieve symptoms of mental illness, breathe through your congested nostril for a period of time.

Inevitable benefits of Swara Yoga

Swara yoga is extremely beneficial for its healing properties and is an effective practice to create favorable conditions in your life.

In the original manuscript of Shiva Swarodaya, there are 395 sutras, many of which deal with Health, Wealth, and Happiness.

Swara Yoga for Health

Sutra no. 214 of Shiva Swarodaya says that the knowledge of swara is a secret wealth. There is no other wealth higher than that as because of the knowledge of swara, one can approach anything and indeed could get the fruit, without an effort! However, one can easily maintain good health with the knowledge of Swara Yoga. Here are a few tips to help you:

• If you want to alter an unwanted physical, emotional or mental state, just breathe through the more congested nostril. This prevents the worsening of the symptoms and promotes rapid recovery. Swara yoga advises changing the active nostril at the first sign of any physical, emotional, or mental disturbance.
• To cure a common cold, breathe through the right nostril 21 times by blocking the left nostril. Also sleeping on the left side gives considerable relief; as it activates the right nostril.
• In case of acidity and fever, activating the left nostril helps. You can block the right nostril and breathe through the left nostril 21 times. Also sleeping on the right side helps to reduce fever.
• Swara medicines can be prepared with the knowledge of swara yoga. Swara medicines work at the vibrational level and can help the patients without any side effects.

Sutra no. 391 of Shiva Swarodaya says about the health and medicines that, he who has firsthand knowledge and awareness of three nadies and five elements, to him even the million times more powerful Rasayana itself would not be able to equate.

Swara Yoga for Wealth

Normally it is understood that one can earn a good amount of wealth based on one’s Knowledge, Skills, Attitudes, and Strategy. But Swara’s knowledge goes much deeper than this normal understanding. According to Swara Yoga, to assure success in the world, one must enter the cosmic rhythm and stay tuned to it… and you get success with effortless ease!

But how does one align with the cosmic rhythm? Here is a simple way to do it.

Get up each day at least half an hour before sunrise. Find out the dominating nostril. Kiss the corresponding hand. With the same hand, touch or rub face, neck, chest, thighs, and feet. Then while stepping out of the bed, the foot that corresponds to the operating nostril should be placed onto the ground first. Then one can proceed with the morning activities. This simple practice helps you align the subtle flow of energy that ensures success in everything that happens for that day.

Swara Yoga for Happiness

Normally it is understood that happiness is a state of mind… but Swara Yoga delves much deeper. It says… happiness is the natural by-product of the enlightened consciousness! 

Sutra no. 27 of Shiva Swarodaya says that the knowledge of Swarodaya is the best among all the things, the best science and is like the flame of a lamp, and is ultimately for the enlightenment of the receptacle in the form of the body. The phrase used is Atma-ghata-prakasarthe… indicating self-illumination, self-realization, or the knowledge of the self in the Indian sense.

Swara Yoga helps to influence people

Whenever it is desirable to influence the other person, if one’s right nostril is operating, the person to be influenced should be positioned onto the right, below, or behind. In case of the left operating nostril, onto left, above, or in the front.

Swara Yoga for charity

Sutra no. 53 of Shiva Swarodaya is about giving Dana (Charity). It says, if a wise man performs an act of charity at the time of inhalation through the left nostril, it bestows upon him a crore ( ten million) fold auspicious fruits in this very lifetime!

Awareness of Swara Yoga

Sutra no. 389 of Shiva Swarodaya is about health and wealth. It says that the person who is well versed with the knowledge and awareness of Swara Yoga, the Goddess Lakshami wishes him. There would be happy all over the body!

Some added benefits of Swara yoga

  • Awareness of subtle changes in the mind and body,
  • Improved quality of life,
  • Promotes balance in the body and mind,
  • Lets go of all the negative energy that surrounds you and focus on the positives instead, and
  • Improved self-awareness.

Frequently asked questions

Before posting your query, kindly go through them:

What is the meaning of ‘Swara Yoga’?

Swara Yoga is a Sanskrit word. Swara means sound or note. It is also a continuous flow of air through one nostril. Yoga means union, so Swara Yoga is a science that is the realization of cosmic consciousness through control and manipulation of breath. Swara Yoga is a complete study, observations, control, and manipulation of breath or Swara.

What are the magnificent effects of Swara Yoga?

Swara yoga is to increase the quality and quantity of life force in a person. When we change from a body-based approach to a breath-based approach in Swara yoga, we are able to transform: the way we approach life, the way we move, the way we sense and feel, and even the way we think and communicate.


Can Swara Yoga be used for healing?

Yes, it can be used as healing. For example: in case of fever, use a cotton ball to plug the operating nostril and maintain this technique until your temperature gets back to normal; for chronic indigestion, it is recommended to eat only when your right nostril is dominant; if you are feeling extreme stress or have been working too hard, lie down on your right side and breathe through your left nostril for about 30 minutes; and to help you relieve symptoms of mental illness, breathe through your congested nostril for a period of time.


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  1. One of the best articles. Swara yoga is not much propagated. However, knowing the most suitable and feasible benefits, people at large should avail of the amazing benefits. Well explained so that people can practice it just by reading the article. What’s indeferent with this yoga is it can, if practised regularly, benefits like health, peace, progress, and even wealth can be achieved. Then why shouldn’t we avail of the amazing benefits,?

    1. So kind of you, Madam! Thanks for your great attitude. People should read, learn, and practice this precious yoga for well-being. The benefits are numerous and the beauty is that everyone can understand start practicing it independently for achieving the amazing benefits. Please stay connected and take care!!

  2. शब्द विज्ञान की दृष्टि से देखा जाए तो, स्वर का अर्थ “श्वास की ध्वनि” तथा योग का अर्थ “मिलन” अथवा “संयोग” होता है। अपितु स्वरयोग का अर्थ “श्वास के द्वारा संयोग” हो सकता है। स्वरयोग के अभ्यास से साधक वैश्विक जीवन शक्ति प्राप्त कर सकता है। मनुष्य के जीवन में श्वास का इतना महत्त्व है कि हमारे प्राचीन ऋषि मुनियों ने श्वास प्रक्रिया के मात्र सुक्ष्म अवलोकन द्वारा एक अत्यंत उपयोगी विज्ञान का आविष्कार कर डाला।
    स्वरयोग को प्राणायाम मानना गलत है। क्योंकी प्राणायाम में श्वास क्रिया के अनेक आयाम प्रयुक्त होते हैं। हालांकि दोनों की विषयवस्तु प्राण होते हैं, फिर भी स्वरयोग श्वास प्रक्रिया कि समिक्षा विवेचना पर विशेष जोर देते हुए प्राण शक्ति के ताल लय पर प्रकाश डालता है जब की, प्राणायाम में प्राणों को संचित, नियंत्रित तथा दिशांतरित किया जाता है। इस प्रकार हम कह सकते हैं कि स्वरयोग में प्राणायाम शामिल हैं, परंतु स्वरयोग एक अत्यंत विस्तृत और सुक्ष्म विज्ञान है।
    यद्यपि अनेक योग ग्रंथ जैसे ‘शिव संहिता’, ‘गोरखतर्क’ तथा अनेक उपनिषद प्राण के कार्यों पर पर्याप्त प्रकाश डालते हैं, तथापि स्वरयोग की आधिकारिक जानकारी का स्रोत मात्र स्वामी सत्यानंद सरस्वती द्वारा लिखित “शिव स्वरोदय” ही है। “शिव” परमचेतना को, “स्वर” श्वास की चेतना को तथा “उदय” जागने अथवा उठने की अवस्था को दर्शाता है। इस प्रकार”शिव स्वरोदय” श्वास के विभिन्न स्वरूपों, प्राण के ताल तथा लयों के प्रभाव एवं महत्व का वर्णन करता है।
    स्वरयोग के ज्ञान तथा उसके तत्वों, तकनीकों की विवेचना एवं साधना द्वारा अखिल ब्रह्माण्ड का दुर्लभ ज्ञान अनावृत्त होता तथा वेदों में छिपे ज्ञान का अकृत भांडार उपलब्ध होता है। इसलिए स्वरयोग के साधक पुर्ण योगी कहलाते हैं।
    स्वरयोग ना केवल उनकी सहायता करता है जो अंतिम सत्य के अस्तित्व पर विश्वास करते हैं बल्कि उनकी भी सहायता करता है, जो ऐसे विश्वास नहीं करता। स्वरयोग समग्र अनुभव तथा समुचे प्राण के जागरण का राजमार्ग है।
    स्वरयोग के विषय में जो कुछ मैं जानता हूं, वह लिखने का प्रयास किया है। आशा करता हूं, पाठकों को अच्छा लगे। अत्यंत महत्वपूर्ण जानकारी स्वरयोग के बारे में आपके द्वारा प्राप्त हुई इसलिए आपका धन्यवाद…!

    1. स्वर योग की अतिरिक्त और अधिक जानकारी के लिए आपका धन्यवाद, विशाल! बहुतसी मान्यताओं के अंतर्गत, सबसे महत्वपूर्ण यह है की, स्वर योग से प्राप्त लाभ अत्यंत दुर्लभ और जीवन की सारी आवश्यकताओं को पूर्ण करने में सहायक है! अत: सभी पाठकों से निवेदन है की इस योग को समजें और अपने जीवन में उतारें ताकी आप अपनी आवश्यकताओं को किसी अन्य पर निर्भर ना रहते हुए स्वतन्त्र रूप से प्राप्त करने का प्रयास करें! आपके अनमोल शब्दों के लिए धन्यवाद!! कृपया अपने ऐसे अनमोल विचारों से हमेशा हमें अवगत कराते रहें!!!

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